Philly We Rise
Philly We Rise covering a Trump protests

Philly We Rise

Philly We Rise is a call to action. We are a media hub that amplifies the work that individuals and organizations do to fight for our communities and we are a resource for those who want to get involved in the local social justice movement.

Philly We Rise launched in 2017, following Trump’s presidential election. Our goal is to be a resource for individuals who want to combat Trump’s policies surrounding immigration, healthcare, labor, education, environment and LGBTQ affairs on a national and local level. We use our platform to share meaningful ways that people can take action and drive positive change in our communities. We highlight protests, rallies, meetings and all the ways people are rising up for justice. We do this to encourage others to get involved in the movement, to spread awareness about lesser known local issues, and to preserve this record of community action for decades to come. 

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