Image of protestor holding a peace sign.

The Organizing Center

The Organizing Center is a training home for people to hone and strengthen the skills they need to build strong movements for social justice.

The Center will strengthen the capacity of organizations to more powerfully demand and win self-determination, community control and decision-making power. We work with organizers to spark their imagination of what is possible and cultivate hope for the future.

The Organizing Center defines organizing as the process of harnessing people’s self-interest to build the people power necessary to win material and systemic change.

​ Our work is rooted in these core values:

  • COLLECTIVE POWER: Power comes from the people – when we fight together we win.
  • SELF- DETERMINATION: Directly impacted people know the best solutions to the challenges they face. They should lead the work to create and implement those solutions.
  • HOPE: Hope sustains the fight. Organizers need to actively cultivate hope in communities and organizations.
  • RESPECT & ACCOUNTABILITY: Direct and principled conversations move people through tension and toward consensus.

The Organizing Center will develop and strengthen organizers who can build relationships with new people through transformative organizing conversations, articulate a clear and compelling vision for the world they are trying to build, understand why and how to conduct a power analysis,  identify resonant campaign issues and develop winnable demands, develop the leadership of directly impacted people, create and analyze campaign strategy, build and maintain strong coalitions, and move people to action.