MAP Statement on Supreme Court Hearing Prometheus Vs. the FCC

CONTACT: Clarise McCants,

The following statement can be attributed to Bryan Mercer, executive director, Movement Alliance Project, one of the lead plaintiffs in Prometheus vs. the FCC: 

“We look forward to demonstrating to the Supreme Court that the Third Circuit’s decision to protect vital media ownership limits was correct, and that the Federal Communications Commission must keep its word, and properly analyze the diversity impact of changes to its media ownership rules. 

Black and Brown communities are targeted both directly by white supremacists and white nationalists, in Philadelphia and around the country, and by deep disinformation that harms their participation in this urgent election, and in critical debates about the future of our country. Media ownership diversity and local media ownership are even more important and crucial at this moment in history, and we will not cease fighting for it, in Philadelphia and nationwide.”