Comcast’s Internet Essentials Speed Bump Is An Important First Step


Comcast doubled the speed of its Internet Essentials service for low-income communities–the single largest increase in speed in the program’s existence. Devren Washington, Senior Policy Organizer of Movement Alliance Project released the following statement. 

“Today’s announcement shows that Comcast can improve its service for families and community members in need, at any time – and that the power of students, teachers, elders, people with disabilities, and Black and brown communities united can force even the biggest companies to bring us closer to making internet service a human right in this unprecedented pandemic. 25mbps isn’t enough when children, caregivers, and communities all rely on one internet connection. 

Comcast’s speed caps have been a barrier to what families need to thrive in a pandemic and economic crisis. While 50mbps is an improvement, we will not stop pushing Comcast until it makes Internet Essentials as reliable and fast as any commercial internet on the market, and until they eliminate barriers to accessing wifi in every neighborhood.”